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Issue #8 (420 pages)
The latest issue is a best of collection from the previous issues #0 to #7.

Orb #8 contains 29 stories by prominent, award-winning Australian authors published here and overseas. Many of the stories featured have appeared in featured collections and anthologies after first appearing in Orb.

The artwork in this special edition of Orb features Australians working in the speculative field both veteran and emerging, including prominent artists such as Shaun Tan, Kerri Valkova, Peter Loader and Cat Sparks.
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Issue #7 (180 pages)
Nine stories, plus an interview with Dave Freer and location shots from the film The Liminal.
Issue #6 (216 pages)
Thirteeen stories, plus articles on Warhammer and the Conflux series of conventions.
Issue #5 (176 pages)
Eight stories, plus articles on Antarctica and dinosaurs.
Double issue #3/4
Ten stories, including the Orb Writing Competition winners (216 pages).
Issue #2 (218 pages)
Currently sold out, but register your interest.
Issue #1(152 pages)
Currently sold out, but register your interest (152 pages).
Issue #0 (96 pages)
The first issue of Orb special reprint still available.

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