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Daryl Lindquist, Cat Sparks, Greg Hughes, Trudi Canavan, Tim Joyner, Renee Dillon, Michael Mayara & Shaun Tan.

Antarctica by Ken Endacott
Dinosaurs! by Ken Endacott

The Lady of the Sorrows by Cecelia Dart-Thornton (Warner Aspect)
Voyage of the Shadowmoon by Sean McMullen (Tor)
Abhorsen by Garth Nix (HarperCollins Eos)
The Etched City by Kirsten Bishop (Prime Books)
Blue Silence by Michelle Marquardt (Bantam)
The Sky Warden and the Sun by Sean Williams (HarperCollins Voyager)
First Hunter by Dale Elvy (HarperCollins Voyager)
Spirit City by Dale Elvy (HarperCollins Voyager)
Rhianna and the Dogs of Iron by Dave Luckett (Scholastic Omnibus)
Rhianna and the Wild Magic by Dave Luckett (Scholastic Omnibus)
Ferren and the Invasion of Heaven by Richard Harland (Penguin Books)
Passion by Tony Shillitoe (HarperCollins Voyager)
Hades Daughter by Sara Douglass (HarperCollins Voyager)
The Crippled Angel by Sara Douglass (HarperCollins Voyager)
Eye of the Labyrinth by Jennifer Fallon (HarperCollins Voyager)
Lord of the Shadows by Jennifer Fallon (HarperCollins Voyager)
Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn (Hodder Headline)
The Autumn Castle by Kim Wilkins (HarperCollins Voyager)
Ghostwriting by Tales of the Supernatural by Traci Harding (HarperCollins Voyager)
The Last Hero A Discworld Fable by Terry Pratchett illustrated by Paul Kidby (Gollancz)
Fantasy: The Definitive Illustrated Guide general editor David Pringle foreword by Terry Pratchett (Carlton
Snare by Katherine Kerr (HarperCollins Voyager)
The Change Trilogy by Sean Williams (HarperCollins Voyager)
The Other by Victor Kelleher (HarperCollins Voyager)

Issue #5 (176 pages)                           Cover art by Peter Loader

The Last Supper by Brendan Duffy
Freelance by Shane Brown
The Cook by Chris McMahon
Amy's Stars by Sue Isle
The Drift by Robert Hood
How to Deal with a Witch by Nicole R Murphy
Living Ground by Jamie McGraw
The Mark of His Hands by Chuck McKenzie
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