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Trudi Canavan, Diane Speter, Kerri Valkova, Daryl Lindquist, Shaun Tan, Rik Doyer, Michael Mayara & Shaun Tan.

Twenty Questions An Orb interview with Andrés Vaccari

Foreign Bodies by Stephen Dedman (Tor Books)
Evergence: The Prodigal Sun by Sean Williams and Shane Dix (Ace Books)
Down There in Darkness by George Turner (Tor Books)
Darwinia by Robert Charles Wilson (Orion Millennium Books)
Women of Other Worlds excursions through science fiction and feminism edited Helen Merrick and Tess Williams (University of Western Australia Press)
The Lady of the Flowers Sophie Masson (Transworld)
Crusader Sara Douglass (HarperCollins Voyager)
Dreaming Down Under edited Jack Dann and Janeen Webb (HarperCollins Voyager)
Masters of Reality Traci Harding (HarperCollins Voyager)
Worlds Apart Chuck McKenzie (Hybrid Publishers)
The Thorn Boy Constantine Storm (Eidolon Publications)
The Lady of Situations Stephen Dedman (Ticonderoga Publications)
Issue #1 (216 pages)                           Cover art by Nick Stathopoulos

Schrödinger's Catamaran by Adam Browne
Sisters of the Moss by Bryce Stevens
The Left Behind by Kaaron Warren
Moon Born by Robert Stephenson
The Olympics of 44 by Richard Womack
Timelines by Rick Kennett
Nahlias Call by Ann Abrahmsen
Reading in Bed by Rob Riel

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