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Trudi Canavan, Rik Doyer, Adam Duncan, Greg Hughes, Tim Joiner, Daryl Lindquist, Peter Loader, Andrew Macrae, Diana Maloney, Michael Mayara, Claire McKenna, Andrew McKiernan, Igor Pancaldi, Damian Rajkowski, Brian Smith, Cat Sparks, Diane Speter, Malcolm Storey, Shaun Tan, Kerry Valkova.
Current issue #8                                Cover art by Peter Loader

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Account Dracula by Adam Browne
Isle of the Dancing Dead by Rick Kennett
Primal Etiquette by Robert Hood
The Left Behind by Kaaron Warren
The Olympics of 44 by Richard Womack
Sisters of the Moss by Bryce Stevens
Dark and Secret Places by Claire McKenna
Probable Cause by Stephen Dedman
Remembering Aoteoroa by Geoffrey Maloney
The Woman of Endor by Sue Isle
Skin by Carolyn Scott
To Change God by Mina Athanasopoulos
The Divergence Tree by Lee Battersby
Little Aussie Battlers by Colin Clark
The Buggy Plague by Chris McMahon
The Last Supper by Brendan Duffy
The Cook by Chris McMahon
Freelance by Shane Brown
Amys Stars by Sue Isle
The Mark of His Hands by Chuck McKenzie
Conversations with Eternity by Geoff Maloney
R Quotient by Nathan Burrage
Retail Therapy by Chuck McKenzie
Tripping over the Light Fantastic by Kim Westwood
The Superb Grace of the Steel Beam, the Delicacy of Reinforced Concrete by Andrew Macrae
Inducing by Paul Haines
A Complete Refabrication by Bren MacDibble
A Lady of Adestan by Cat Sparks
In the Arms of Medusa by Nathan Burrage

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Issue #8 Orb greatest hits
A bumper issue containing 29 of the best stories from the previous 8 issues (#0 to #7) PLUS best artwork
(420 pages).